Repaired units are mounted on the frame assembly and the motor is coupled and aligned. The assembled unit is test run to check vibration levels and bearing temperatures to insure maximum performance.

Impellers are balanced individually, reassembled on the shaft and balanced as an assembly. Impellers and

housings are dye tested for stress cracks.

New bearings are installed and the blower is reassembled.

Electric Motors and Drives, Inc. was established in 1983 to service the Tri-State area of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia in the rewinding and rebuilding of electric motors and pumps. We rewind all types of AC and DC Motors including DC Armatures and Specialty Coils.

Electric Motor Rewinding

Industrial Blower Rebuilding

Each blower is completely disassembled. All

bearing housings and shafts are checked for 

tolerance. Worn Shafts and housings are rebuilt

​to tolerance.

We use the Mitchell Electronic's Model TI-3000

Complete Run Test System, Model TI-5250

Feedback Box, TI-5000EX Motion Control

Diagnostics System along with setup software

for repair of most manufacturers of Servo Motor.

Servo Motor Repair

Machine Shop Work

General Machining to include making new shafts, rebuilding shaft journals and bearing housings.

Dynamic Balancing of armatures, rotors, fans, rolls and other rotating equipment.

Nickel Plating of Shafts and Housings